Friday, June 01, 2007

Happy Bloggiversary UFW!

So I've actually been blogging for three whole years. Really. Hard to believe. In lieu of boring you all with 300 mostly mundane things about me, I decided to ask my good friend in real life and fellow blogger Katrina to interview me for a celebratory post. Thanks Katrina, and I hope the rest of you enjoy a glimpse into my blogging soul.

K: What do you love most about blogging? Is there something you dislike about it?
D: I love the way I feel it has sharpened my writing skills. There's something satisfying about being able to "publish" something, knowing others will read it. I appreciate the accountability that comes with this freedom. As far as dislikes go, I really dislike posting pictures and links. Mainly because working 40+ hours per week, I don't have time to do that very well.

K: Do you try to stick to a blogging schedule or just post when you're inspired? Do you ever feel guilty when you don't post or feel pressured to post with a certain frequency?
D: Pretty much I just post when inspired, although in keeping with the idea that writers write, I do try to post on average of three times a week. When I first began blogging, I set a goal to post every day for a month just to see if I could do it. I satisfied my curiousity and promptly relaxed my ridiculous standards!

K: What have you learned as a result of blogging (learned about yourself, about others, about blogging in general -- you pick!)?
D: I think I've been learning what it means to be authentic - to not be afraid to be truly myself. It's easy in blogging to project something you're not. After all, only about 4 people who read this blog know me in real life. Half the time, I don't even know me! But that brings me to this point - learning to write authentically has given me a window into my own soul. I am less afraid of who I am and of being myself, although it certainly is an area where I still struggle.

K: What aspect of yourself do you think does NOT come across in blogging?
D: Okay, nice unintentional follow-up to the above question! I don't think my humor comes across in my blogging. I have a pretty dry sense of humor, generally reserved for me, myself and I, knowing that what I am experiencing a gut-busting chuckle over probably would only draw a blank stare from most others, with the exception of my sister who always stands ready to snort alongside me! (You'd have to have been sitting with us in college chapel sessions to appreciate that one!)

K: Pick a fellow blogger that you'd like to have over for dinner and a chat. What would you serve and what would you ask her?
D: Oooh, I think that'd have to be Lisa Samson. Her fiction speaks to me and her own spiritual journey has been a personal challenge and encouragement. What would I serve? Probably ribs on the grill, and whatever else I could come up with. What would I ask her? Why, a million questions, of course!

K: How would you say your blog (or your approach to blogging) has changed during the three years you've been at this?
D: Good question. When I first started blogging, it was nothing more than an online journal. I found Robin Lee Hatcher's blog through her website, and decided to start my own. There may have been a bit of community out there, but I wasn't aware of it. I remember the first time someone left me a comment, I about freaked out! Who the heck was reading my blog? Early last year, you started blogging and I think we were each other's sole audience, and then I "met" Jennifer at Snapshot and we each had two readers ! All of the sudden, I was introduced to this whole big blogging community and I started blogging furiously and connecting with other bloggers, and it was great. But while I loved the connection, for a while there I think I lost my main focus, to develop my writing skills and express my thoughts. I think I've gotten back to that now.

K: You always post these wonderfully deep, contemplative thoughts. Do you set aside time to think these great thoughts or do they just come to you? (Can you tell I'm having trouble finding time to think these days?)
D: You are hilarious! Haven't you heard me say before "I think way too much!" I'm not much of an impulse poster; I like to chew on things (other than carpet fibers) and let God work on me about them for a while first. At any given time, I p
robably have 40-50 blog posts in draft form. Sometimes it's a month or more before it turns into a viable post. Picture cow: chewing on cud. That'd be me.

Well, cool - this is the first time I've ever been interviewed. I could get into this - it's much easier when someone else is asking the questions! Thanks, Katrina - for your friendship and making my Bloggiversary fun!


Tami Boesiger said...

Happy Anniversary, Dianne. I, for one, enjoy your musings and getting to know you.

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Happy 3 years!! What a great idea to be interviewed. Katrina did a great job!

Yes, I still remember when Katrina was my only reader, and then you linked over from a comment I left on her blog and you left a comment for me. I was shocked and so pleased!

I love what you said about moving away and then getting back to the sole purpose--to write. I feel like I'm in the middle of being away myself. My brain is happy if I can get anything up. I'm hoping to be able to set aside time for thinking deep thoughts this summer :) Katrina is funny.

Katrina said...

Happy, Happy Bloggiversary, Dianne!!

This was such fun -- I loved reading all your answers! And I was honored to be able to participate in your anniversary celebration. :) I agree that humor can be really hard to translate into the blog world, or at least that dry wit that you have and that I really like. And I really liked what you said about learning to be authentic. I think blogging has helped me in that area, too.

I know I've said it before, but I love your blog, and always enjoy reading what you have to say. Looking forward to many more years reading Unfinished Work!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Oh, how I enjoyed this! Wonderful answers, and congratulations on your blog-aversary! I had no idea you had been blogging 3 years... and I think it's so cool that you have 40 or more drafts going.

I am so glad I found your blog :)

Kim said...

Happy anniversary! I have a dry sense of humor too, and I sometimes worry that readers may take it as sarcasm. Thanks for the sweet words about my daughter's tooth incident. I have assured my husband that I will see a dentist this fall once the girls return to school (and we finish with her multiple appointments every week).

I hope you are having a great weekend!