Friday, October 06, 2006

Word Association

I used to love word association games when I was a kid, and also when I taught school. Jennifer at Snapshot has tagged me for this meme, which is great because my blogging brain is in a state of drought right now.

Grace - For some reason, Max Lucado comes to mind. Didn't he write a book on the subject? Ah yes, a quick check at reveals not one but two books on the subject. In the Grip of Grace contain's Max's unique approach to the book of Romans. Some friends and I read this together a few years ago for a Bible study. I don't think I ever noticed the subtitle before tonight: Your Father Always Caught You. He Still Does. Wow, isn't that a powerful thought? He also wrote Grace for the Moment, which I might have to check out as soon as I'm finished with Cure for the Common Life, which is proving to be a most excellent read.

Brother - My sister and I always wished for a brother. Even in our twenties, we thought my mom should have another baby and of course, we'd hope for a little brother. Well, we never got our little brother but my sister is having fun with three of the cutest little boys you ever saw. I think though, that we always wished for a big brother! You know, someone to beat up the kids who picked on us, etc.!

- Before you know it, it will be snowing and we'll be putting our wood stove to good use once again. I can't wait for cozy nights on the reclining sofa in front of the fire!

I'm horrible at tagging but how about Barb and Jeanine? And your words are: crochet, photographic and library. Go to it, girls!


Susanne said...

Ya done good! I'm starting to really enjoy Max Lucado. I haven't read either of those of will go on my reading list as some point!

Barb said...

I haven't read a single thing by Max Lucado but my daughter Mandy has several of his books. Perhaps it's time for me to take another look at her stack and get started!

It always amuses me when someone says they wish they had a big brother. Bev and I have four brothers and when we were growing up they were the bain of our existence. When I think about it though, it would have been very strange to not have a house full of smelly, irritating, constantly fighting boys. Shoot! If I'd known you then I could have donated a couple to you and your sister! :-)

Thank you for tagging me. I'll get mine up today.

Jennifer said...

I always wished for a big brother, too. I don't guess it really works out that way, does it?

Barb said...

Hey again, Dianne,

Just letting you know I did the meme. It's in my Sunday Meanderings post.

Thank you for tagging me. I had fun with the three words you chose.

Jeannine said...

Hi Dianne,

I just saw you tagged me and I will do it once I'm home again. Alyssa just laughed and said I'm saying that so I'll have plenty of time to think about what first pops into my head. :-)

Master of None said...

You and Deb always amazed me that even in your teen years you wanted your mother to get pregnant! Can you imagine the kids at school making fun of me "waddeling down the halls" with my demerit pad? Oh me, Oh my!! Just the thought strikes me funny now.

Jeannine said...


I know I said I'd do the word association, but may I be excused? I'm just not a writer or terribly creative and I'm stumped. :-(