Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Oh Look - A Meme!

Katrina tagged me for this meme that Jules at Everyday Mommy started and it's a different kind of meme - a bit more contemplative than miscellaneous. I had fun trying to pick a favorite memory for each, since my mom saw to it that we made plenty of memories!

1. Favorite memory of your mother? This was the hardest. I had to leave it and come back to it. I'd have to say it was when I was in college and she'd come to visit me and we'd go off and do fun things. One time she surprised me with a pizza party for my birthday at this really cool pizza place. That was a feat because it was quite difficult to get a pass to go off-campus and she somehow arranged to get a bunch of my friends there!

2. Favorite memory of your father? Once while I was in college, I came home to surprise my dad for his birthday. That morning, I hid in a large box which was wrapped like a gift. I was in the kitchen, crouched and cramped in that box and you know how you kind of shake when you're stooped in an uncomfortable position? Well, I was shaking - first of all from stooping, then from excitement, and then I realized my dad was fishing for his pocket knife to open the package in his neat perfectionist way - yikes! And then I guess I was shaking because I was more claustrophobic than I realized. Anyways, the surprise was a big hit with my dad! I'll never forget how happy he was to see me - made me feel really special.

3. Favorite memory of your sibling(s)? Goodness, when as a toddler you look forward getting your very own baby sister, and then you share your growing up years with that one and only sibling, it's hard to pick one favorite memory. I think my favorite memories are of the years we shared an apartment together as schoolteachers. Even though she was younger than me, she was always the boss. She paid the bills (I contributed but she hit me up every month). She reminded me to get gas in my car and helped me find my keys when I lost them (conveniently about every other morning, as I hated driving and was usually out of gas anyways!) One time we got home late from a basketball game and somehow I managed to drop my keys down the elevator shaft. Now me with my laidback personality quickly figured that as long as sis had her keys so we could get to work in the morning, we were fine. I was tired (read: exhausted) and ready to head to bed. SHE (the motherly one) on the other hand insisted that we retrieve the keys that night! Unbelievable, but we (I) (the clever one) wired several coat hangers end to end and fished the wayward keys from the dungeon below. Other goofy things happened there like seeing some of the tenants wearing some of the things we put out for the trash. We were always giggling in hushed tones there for one reason or another!

4. What one skill would you like to wake up tomorrow and be able to do (though you'd never learned it)? I'd like to wake up tomorrow and be a computer graphics art guru!

5. Which one of your dreams has come true? Well, this has to be getting married since at one point I convinced myself that I was destined for singlehood.

Just for fun, I'm tagging Stacy, my mom, and Cindy.


Anonymous said...

I loved reading about your memories...memories are so great to have...keeps us honest.

Katrina said...

Wonderful memories, Dianne! I especially enjoyed reading the one about your dad. :)

Anonymous said...

Ooh, these were all wonderful! Your mom sounds like so much fun, surprising you like that! And your dad too, sounds like you had a wonderful childhood. That's so cool that you and your sister lived together, and I sat here LOL, thinking about you guys fishing the keys out with rigged coat hangers! So funny :)

Thanks for tagging me, I had not realized you had and someone else did as well. Must be a popular meme going around right now, LOL!

Have a great day :)

Susanne said...

Great memories and what a cool idea for a birthday gift!

Jennifer said...

Sweet answers. What a nice family.

master of none said...

One of the best things about blogging is some of the memories you and Deb have had that I had not heard about...loved the fishing for car keys....It's better I was not with you..I would have been doubled over laughing and you both would have been upset with me....tired as you were.