Friday, October 20, 2006

Gimme Some Space!

Are you the kind of person who needs their space? I chuckled yesterday as I escaped from work for a precious 30 minutes in search of some peace and quiet. My chosen space? The cushy couch in front of the gas fireplace at Caribou Coffee. I've been reading Pride & Prejudice with great enjoyment as often as I can get away from work for a bit. There's something relaxing reading about people whose greatest worry in life was whether they'd be invited to the neighbor's soiree.

Yesterday I read this passage, where Mr. Bennett (the father) was entertaining a rather obnoxious relative.

" . . . and Mr. Collins was to attend them, at the request of Mr. Bennett, who was most anxious to get rid of him and have his library to himself, for thither Mr. Collins had followed him after breakfast, and there he would continue . . . talking with Mr. Bennett, with little cessation, of his house and garden at Hunsford. Such doings discomposed Mr. Bennett exceedingly. In his library he had always been sure of leisure and tranquility, and though prepared, as he told Elizabeth, to meet with folly and conceit in every other room in the house, he was used to be free from them there [in the library]." Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen (1813). Great Reads Edition, pg. 72.

Sounds like a guy who not only needed his space but needed his particular space. Here's a shot of my space. I guess my spaces are rather seasonal. During the spring and fall, you can usually find me curled up in my blue chair. As soon as it gets a mite chilly, I head for the reclining sofa in front of the fireplace in our gameroom. Now that our back porch is opened up, I'm sure I'll be spending many summer mornings and evenings out there. As far as what I do in my space, it's a bit of everything. It's where I sit with my planner (when I get around to that). It's where I read my Bible before work in the morning. It's where I read mostly, and it's where I"m blogging from right now.

So I'm wondering, do you have a space? Where is it? What does it look like? Is it somewhere in your home or somewhere outdoors? Do you have more than one space, such as a summer space or winter space? Moreover, what do you do in your space? Is it just your devotional place, or is it your reading-writing-thinking-praying spot? Care to share a peek or some thoughts on your space? If you want to share on your blog, just leave a comment with your thoughts and I'll pop over to see. (Sorry - no Mr. Linky; I'm too afraid of messing with my template right now).


Susanne said...

I don't really have a space I call my own unless you want to call the left side of the couch mine. It's where I read, think, pray, watch T.V. and now that I have a laptop, blog. But it doesn't really remove my from the action in my house. I don't think there is such a place in my abode. :vD
My dream house bedroom (you know the one in my dreams!) has a sitting area with huge comfy chairs and a reading light and table for my coffee!

Jennifer said...

Yes, I have seasonal spaces, too. Or maybe I just have a lot of different spaces, but I definitely need my space. There are times that I need to retreat--to read, pray, veg out.

Some of my places are the kitchen table (first thing in the morning place)--no one else is up, and this is where I can do Bible study at the start of the day, and drag the laptop over to post for the day.

I have a brown leather chair and ottoman in my bedroom that I love to cozy up in to read or watch TV or a DVD in the afternoons.

I have a plum wingback chair (that's very comfy actually) that used to be my praying/Bible reading spot, but it's not so much anymore.

If my reading to be done is more of the "put my feet up" variety, I stretch out on the living room couch, or even on my bed.

Outdoor spaces--the back deck table is great on a sunny day to read and/or Bible study. The front porch had become a favorite Spring/Summer blogging spot with the laptop, but I don't guess that will be happening for many months now.

Am I allowed to have that many spots??

And Mr. Linky won't mess with your blog. Just always preview, and if it looks funky, I just say remove all edits (or whatever that button is), but I do understand you not wanting to mess with it!!

Barb said...

I love Pride and Prejudice. Love it. I love the language - it always sounds so "pure" to me.

My special place is and always has been my mama bear chair and oversized matching ottoman. It's funny. Of all the places to sit in my living room, no one ever sits in my chair even when I'm not in the room. I think that spot must just say, "Barb!"

You now what I did when Susie finished my blog design? I copied the new template and pasted it into a practice blog. Now when I want to fiddle around with things but am afraid I'll damage my real blog, I go to the practice blog to see what will happen. I also made sure no one can see that practice blog - way too embarrassing! :-)

Katrina said...

Oh yes, and like Jennifer I have several "spaces" of mine. First there's the left-hand end of the sofa in the living room, where I blog and surf the 'Net. Then there's one of my new library chairs - I've "claimed" the one closest to the door. That's where I spend time with God, and read, and listen to Camden practice piano. And I love to snuggle up in bed with a book. And of course, there's my tub. When I'm in a bubble-filled tub, no one's allowed to bother me! :)

Dionna Sanchez said...

The new look is very nice, Dianne. :)

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Oooh, great topic and so well written! I was watching the newest movie version of Pride & Prejudice the other day, love it. Haven't read the book in ages, but I should :)

As for the space, I don't have one set space to call my own, but I do have different areas where I will retreat, depending on the time, day, season, need, etc. Some of those include my big chair by the fireplace, my computer desk, and even my bed where sometimes I can curl up and read and not be bothered. Now that we have a dog again, and the weather is gorgeous, I'm once again reminded of how much I love my deck. I love sitting with the pup dog on the steps, he lets me love all over him and I love that! :)

Have a lovely day!