Wednesday, May 03, 2006

What I'm Learning from Weightwatchers

1. I need a lot less to eat than I realized.
2. I forgot how much I like fruits and vegetables.
3. It's easier to fix healthy food than I imagined. I can fix a couple grilled chicken breasts or fish fillets, some steamed vegetables and a salad in about 15 minutes.
4. When I'm eating healthier, so is my husband.
5. Eating healthy is actually saving us money. A container of old-fashioned oatmeal has lasted us two weeks now; about $3.50 for that many breakfasts versus the usual 3 boxes of cereal per week at $3.00 a box.
6. The key is a little bit of planning and preparation. I am spending thirty to forty minutes one evening spent cutting up fresh vegetables that last me most of the week.
7. I'm amazed at the amount of salt and sugar in processed foods. My husband pointed this out to me when I was in a lazy habit of throwing a can of chunky soup in his cooler for lunch. Wow - most of them had upwards of 700 mg. sodium! No wonder the poor guy had high blood pressure!
8. Only buy enough fresh fruits and vegetables to last the week. Same goes for bread.
9. The worst thing I can do is reward myself with food. I still like the occasional treat but I don't view it as something I deserve anymore.
10. I feel much better when I'm drinking good amounts of water and cutting off the snacking after 8:00 p.m.
11. I'm enjoying my new wardrobe that I dug out of storage!


Jennifer said...

I think I'm back on the road to eating all those fruits and veggies, after being off the wagon for a few months. I heartily agree--especially with 1, 2, and 4! Healthy really is better, but you're also right that it's not always easier.

Islandsparrow said...

Oh I am trying to get this message into my head!! Especially with summer coming- the Tshirts don't hide the rolls as easily as a sweater :)
I'll be interested in knowing how you progress!