Monday, May 22, 2006

Drop It!

"Drop it!" That utterance usually works like a charm, causing my little Boston Terrier, MacGyver, to drop whatever he's got his mighty jaws clamped onto. Unless it's a really cool toy, perfectly slimed, that he's just not willing to part with quite yet. Then we begin the games. "Look Gyvers - a treat!" (No response.) Raised voices: "GYVERS - now!" (Nothing but two big sad eyes staring up at us!) Finally the ultimate psyche out. "Let's go outside!" Like magic, he drops the toy and heads for the door. Okay great, but now we actually have to take him out, so he knows we always mean what we say. (See I'm thinking all this dog psychology would actually be useful with children someday!)

My friend told me today that over the weekend they had to resort to the shock collar to get their dog to release the dead bird he was toting around in his mouth! Ugh!

On Sunday, our pastor preached from Philippians 1:12-30, the third in a series. This one was entitled "Welcome to a Life of Freedom." One of his points was that Paul was free because he refulsed to carry around to the baggage of resentment and bitterness.

Wow - that really hit home with me. What am I holding on to? The things I hold onto are not exactly beautiful things that enhance my life. I'm not in a place where God is asking me to lay aside comfort and convenience to serve him. No, he's inviting me to give up the ugly things that weigh me down. He offers me a life of peace and rest in exchange for my frustration and despondency, but sometimes I feel like my little dog. I've got my heart so firmly entwined around my own issues that I just can't let go. I'm hanging on for dear life! I know, it's really up to me. I want that life of freedom and victory - I really do. I just need to "drop it!"

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Jennifer said...

Beautifully expressed. Thanks.

On a doggie note, my dad (and others) have had great success using a spray bottle filled iwth water. After a few squirts, now his dog stops the bad behavior when the water bottle is picked up.