Friday, April 28, 2006

Here's Looking at Me!

I got new glasses recently. Since it had been six years since my last eye exam, I felt justified in getting new glasses, especially since my prescription did change, albeit ever so slightly. But mostly it was a vanity thing. I was tired of my big round specs and wanted a pair of smaller, more fashionable frames. My husband sat patiently watching while I tried on pair after pair. "How are these?" I'd ask, to which he'd reply, "They look good, but I really like your old ones." Finally I selected the perfect pair and was promised they'd be in within a week.

When I got them, immediately on the way home, I noticed a big difference. Whereas before I could look out through my big round frames and see the world clearly, now my view is hindered by the edge of the frame. I have to admit, I'm having a really hard time getting used to them.

What happened? Why did they seem so perfect in the store, and so awful once I started wearing them throughout the day? This morning it occurred to me (as I stared once more at myself in the mirror) what had happened. When I tried them on, I was about a foot or two from the mirror. And I was only looking at ME! All I cared about was how they looked on my face. Once I got out in the real world, suddenly the world (which the glasses are intended to enhance) looked different.

Time and perspective change everything. One day I can be in the bluest of moods, even to the point of arguing with God as I listen to a worship song. A few days later, I'm once again singing the same song, basking in the truths it affirms about God. Usually the situation hasn't changed a bit, only the way I look at it. The solution to less blurry days: disiplining myself to daily put on the specs of God's word and allow him to correct my vision.

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