Saturday, April 08, 2006

Foiled Again!

So now I have my laptop and I've been busy working on several projects. Now I need some hard copies printed. Someone gave me a printer for which I just bought cartridges today. When I attempted to install them, I realized that the printer does not fit in the space made for it on my desk. Sounds like a silly problem but my "desk" is one of those little computer armoires and no room is no room. (If you've seen my house, you'd understand!)

So now . . . do I switch printers with my husband? Nope, because his printer has a parallel cable and my laptop has no parallel port (old technology, I guess). Or do I just copy things to disk, take them upstairs and print them there? Hmm, that's possible I guess but that negates the whole point of me using OpenOffice - a free word processing program. Do I go get my own little printer for down here (I'm sure I can get one for about $50)? Or do we spring for a new all-in-one networked printer for upstairs? Emma dilemna, as we like to say at work!

Ugh, I'm so aggravated right now and yet I'm feeling like I'm succumbing to the Never-Satisfied Syndrome! I keep telling myself, it's okay - if I really expect to make a go of this writing business, a few expenses are to be expected.

Oh well, I'm glad I have this blog to vent my frustrations. If you were hoping to read a spiritually uplifting entry today, hop over to my sister's recent post. She puts me to shame today!

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Katrina said...

Sometimes (often!) it's one thing after another. The important thing is - you're writing!! And remember - anything you do buy is tax deductible. :) I do know these little frustrations can really build up, so vent away.