Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Blind Spots and An Apology!

It's so embarassing when you're riding down the highway, mentally a million miles away. You think you're clear to change lanes when suddenly you're being honked at and all sorts of hand signs are being made in your direction! What happened? Most likely, a blind spot obscured your vision of the other person's car.

Well today I am the victim of two blind spots. For one, my friend asked why her comments were not appearing on my blog. Oops - for some reason, I had comment moderation enabled, and so comments were piling up unbeknownst to me. Lucky for me, this is not a high-traffic blog :) so I was able to quickly approve all 15 comments and disable the moderation.

My other blind spot came in the way of my printer dilemna. I was so frustrated over not being able to print on my own printer! I guess I forgot to look up - in prayer (which I finally did) and literally. The top of the writing armoire now proudly sports a Lexmark Z65 in perfect working condition (the printer was given to me) and will be put to good use in no time. So I have to stand on a chair to load paper . . . who cares! I'm just thrilled to finally have an almost complete office space all to myself. (Just need to hook up a keyboard so I don't end up with carpal tunnel.)

So to those of you who assumed I was ignoring your comments and neglecting to visit your blogs, my humble apologies. And to those of you who may be facing an impossible dilemna: look up!

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