Tuesday, April 25, 2006


About six years ago, I tried Weight Watchers. I actually achieved my goal, but I did it the hard way. I joined online and for the most part, kept my efforts very private. Sad to say, six years later, I've found myself in need of pushing the reset button and so I've joined again. Only this time, I decided to attend the weekly meetings. Yes, that involves going to a meeting with real live people - NOT my favorite thing! I also announced to several friends that I've joined again. Amazingly, it seems much easier this time. I still need to exercise and watch what I eat. But now a friend instant messages me at work and we'll encourage each other. She gives me  good tip and I'll share some healthy snacks with her. My other friends have been very considerate in not tempting me with food I shouldn't eat. I do believe the support makes all the difference.

Likewise, when I began my current customer service job several years ago, I was literally too afraid to ask questions. Determined to learn on my own, I made many mistakes. A few weeks ago, I gained some new responsibilities (okay, that's the positive version of "I got more work dumped on me"!) Knowing my past history of ignorance, I asked a friend to sit with me and go over things in detail. I feel so much more confident now as I do these new orders.

Recently, a friend assured me I can always talk to her or ask her to pray about things.  I think that's the problem - I like to be the pray-er, not the prayee, the helper rather than the helped.  But mostly because to do otherwise forces me to reveal my own weaknesses.  She gently reminded me of the Sunday sermon in which our pastor stressed the importance of being connected to others. He said we're not meant to live the Christian life alone. In fact, he said, it's one of the ways we can cooperate with the Holy Spirit in our lives. As I thought about my experience with Weight Watchers and my job, I realized how true this is. As much as I don't like to "need" anything from anyone else, that need was placed there by God to keep me humble and dependent on Him.  Ignoring that innate need results in nothing less than pride.
So here's to the family of God and getting connected!

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