Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I wonder how the bear feels when he comes out of his winter hibernation. Does he have the luxury of slowly waking and taking in the world around him, or is he thrust into a flurry of activity needed for day-to-day survival? Does he have the freedom to amble lazily through the budding forest, or is he forced by hunger to begin immediately foraging for food?

I love spring. I love waking up to sunshine and driving home at night while daylight lingers. I love the smells and sights of spring - the fragrant lilacs , the budding trees and daffodils. I love trying to be the first to spot a robin, and I enjoy welcoming the chickadees and finches back to my bird feeders.

BUT - I hate the rush that comes with spring! I feel like someone has rudely jostled me awake from my cozy rest, and has thrust a huge to-do list upon me! NOT that anyone has done that at all, mind you. It's just that when spring finally rolls around, it seems there's so much to do all of the sudden. I need some time to decompress a bit first!

Well, it's freezing here in Pittsburgh today anyways so I'm going to mentally curl up and catch a few more winks before the busyness hits. If I'm lucky, we'll have one more fire in our woodstove this weekend . . . one more evening spent in the gameroom just relaxing.


Debra said...

Woo hoo! You did it! (The picture, I mean...) :) I knew you could-- congrats! ... Debra

Katrina said...

Yes, it sure didn't *feel* like Spring today, eh? :)

Now, I want to you take that to-do list and fold it nicely and stick it in a drawer for a while. Enjoy Spring seeping in for a little while before you pressure yourself to get too much done.