Monday, January 10, 2005

Your Kitchen or Mine?

There was just a bit of tension yesterday in our adult Bible study as different members voiced their questions, concerns and points of view about The Purpose Driven Life. To me, it was a beautiful picture of the body of Christ, each one differing in their approach to the Christian life.

I have what I believe could qualify as the world's teensiest kitchen! Not everyone could cook in my kitchen, but I'm perfectly comfortable there. I've accepted the fact that my 20 year old lineoleum floor will never be as clean as I'd like, and there will always be bits of dust lingering on the many shelves and knick-knacks. Preparing a full-course Thanksgiving dinner was no problem, as I've learned to plan and prepare dishes ahead of time, and to clean up as I go.

I might not be as comfortable in some other kitchens though. Some people cook like a house of fire, and their kitchens look like disaster areas by time the meal's on the table! But they're perfectly happy cooking that way, and hey, what are dishwashers for anyways!

No doubt, someone who wouldn't want to live in my house or cook in my kitchen would still come to enjoy a meal with us. And I certainly wouldn't turn down an invitation to spend time with friends in their home.

My point is, even though someone else's approach to the Christian life is different from ours does not make their Christianity invalid. Some people struggle with every point spoken from the pulpit, doing as the Bereans did, diligently searching the Scriptures for themselves. Others live "in the Narthex" so to speak, thrilled to meet and greet visitors and new members. Some are content to work quietly behind the scenes, in support of those who naturally fall into leadership positions. We can learn from everyone and indeed, we need these other people in our lives and churches and communities.

So, where are we meeting for tea . . . your kitchen or mine?

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