Tuesday, January 25, 2005

My Sister, The Writer!

For as long as I can remember, my sister has been the writer in the family. From the first Nothing Books we got from our gram, to a myriad of silly poems and sweet stories, to plays and children's programs, she's been the one with the golden pen in her hand.

If asked about her writing aspirations, my sister would most likely tell you now is not her time. I beg to disagree. Right now she is writing what will surely be her life's most significant work. Her words are not to be found scribbled on paper with pen, or typed on a computer. No, right now she is busy scribing lessons of character on four little hearts. Daily, amidst the routine of diapers and housework and refereeing, she manages to translate the principles of God's word into living lessons which are woven into the fabric of her children's lives. In an email, she told me she'd spent two hours at the library yesterday all to herself, and came home with no less than twenty-five books for the kids, and one for herself. While other people wonder how she manages to homeschool, she wonders how she could pass up the opportunity. She truly enjoys motherhood.

Yes, I may be the one pecking away on the computer, trying to earn a nickel a word for an article that will be printed in some magazine, but in my book, my sister is the real writer.

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Katrina said...

Oh, Dianne, that's so sweet. I hope she sees this. :) I, too, am amazed at her dedication, her self-sacrifice, her ability to see beyond all the little day-to-day annoyances to what is truly important. It's something that I, even though I absolutely love being a mom, struggle to do.

Isn't it a blessing and an encouragement to see how amazing God is? He uses different people in different circumstances through different means... to take truth and communicate it to others. Mom to child...pastor to congregation...novelist to reader...friend to friend... How boring life would be if there were only one type of writer or communicator...or one circumstance under which it was meaningful or appropriate.

Anyway, you and your sister both inspire me and encourage me. You're both "real writers" in my book, and I'm honored to call you friends.