Friday, October 01, 2004

Friday Feast

I've been wanting to do this and couldn't understand why I never got notified when I signed up on the list. Hmmm, and who is Susan? Unidentified emails - DELETE! Oops - that was Friday Feast I've been trashing! Thanks to Friday's Feast for the fun!

I wish my (cell) phone would just make a normal ringing sound! The ring tones (no matter what I choose) on the Samsung phone blend in with whatever music I'm listening to in the car and I keep missing calls.

A bright sunny day, a few clouds in the sky - no rain in sight.

Hmmm. Microsoft Word? English grammar & punctuation. Nothing of real value!

Main Course
Acts and the epistles of Paul. Shakespeare - I'm extremely deficient there.

Gobs of peanut butter. Pretty much like a Reese's cup!

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Brandy said...

Hello. I came here through Donna's blog (Rustling Leaves). I read through several of your entries.....and I was just wondering if you'd mind if I linked to you?

Here's my blog URL, if you'd like to check it out:

May our Lord bless you and yours most abundantly for His Glory!