Thursday, October 28, 2004

This Blogging Phenomenon

Blogging amazes me in that just about anyone with internet access can express their thoughts and present them in a form instantly accessible to others. I often wonder if published authors who've paid their dues and subjected themselves to the whims of editors and restraints of the industry don't resent bloggers just a bit? I'll admit, right now it works for me. It's an easy and painless way of getting my thoughts out.

But the other part of blogging that baffles me is how quickly we feel connected to people in cyberspace we've never met. For example, I recently discovered this wonderful blog, Everytime I visit, it's like a trip down memory lane and a personal word of encouragement rolled into one. Another blog I enjoy is Cindy is a talented radio personality, devoted Christian and one of those easy to read writers. Those are just a few examples, but it's always nice to "meet" others who challenge us in our thinking and Christian living.

Well, starting next week I become a 4-day girl. I'll work 4-ten hour days and have a different day of the week off each month. I'm planning to spend some of that time focusing on writing again. I had such lofty goals at the beginning of this year but life took some unexpected turns. Anyways, my only problem now will be ensuring I use my days wisely.


Debra said...

Hi Dianne...Wow, I am really honored that you would mention my blog in your post! I'm so glad it has blessed you. I think your writing is terrific and I come to your blog often. Keep up the good work! God bless...Debra

Cindy said...

Dianne, I can't believe I just noticed this! Thanks so much for the kind words!