Monday, October 25, 2004

Something to Blog About

Lots of thoughts chasing each other around in my head these days but I can't seem to find the time to get them out! Well, one thing that's been on my mind is an appreciation for God's unconditional love. I like to think that I too, offer unconditional love to those around me but this week it occurred to me that I play favorites. Yep, I do. See, I deal with customers all day long now, and it's easy to categorize them into the ones we like, the ones we dislike, and there are even a few we tend to "hate." Naturally, it's a joy to serve customers who email their POs to us with cute little poems, or the ones who are always pleasant. It beats me how some customers can be so demanding, but there are those who we can just never seem to please. I notice I tend to bend over backwards to take care of the nice ones, while giving the others the bare minimum attention to their unreasonable demands.

Now if God were a customer service rep and I were one of his customers, I wonder which category I'd fall into. Me thinks I might be one of those last-minute customers, always rushing in on deadline with an urgent prayer request. My morning prayers often consist of more demands (Bless me . . . keep me safe . . . help me get through this day) than praises and a heart desiring to seek him. Yet He welcomes me with loving arms anytime I call upon Him. His love for me is not based on my efforts to please Him, but rather on His righteous, loving grace.

Jesus said it's not really any big deal for us to be nice to those who treat us well. That's a given. While I wouldn't consider any customer an "enemy," I realize I need to see the problem ones as an opportunity to share God's love, at least in my attitude towards them.

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