Wednesday, March 30, 2005

An Untended Plant

During my recent kitchen project, I had kitchen items scattered everywhere throughout my house to protect them from my sloppy painting. I thought I put everything back together this weekend but I just noticed a plant in the corner of the livingroom which I've neglected for several weeks. It looks so sad and droopy.

It reminded me of my "story" I was so enthused about last week. I just looked at it today - yikes, it too looks sad and droopy. It hasn't grown at all since I left it. What happened?

Okay, I'm really not dumb enough to think a story would write itself. But it did occur to me when I opened the file this week that I've neglected this story that's yearning to be told. I'm learning that stories, much like plants, need nurturing attention in order for them to thrive. So this is just a lesson, an observation, on my writing journey that I want to remember.

In case you wonder why my posts never seem to have a finish to them, forgive me. Ten minutes at the computer is sometimes all I get these days when hubby's school demands computer time!


Michael said...

Some stories I need to keep in my pockets. That way I can hold them in my hands from time to time. They indeed are fragile and need to be tended to.

A nice reminder.

Take Care

daisymarie said...

This made me sit and think about what is "untended" in my life. Good time of meditation! Thank you.

Debra said...

Thanks for confirming that I really do need to finish at least some of the many projects I have begun around my house. The rooms are starting to look plain ridiculous lately because they are nearly all half-finished--and of course, the sight of them nags at me. So thanks for the little push--I needed it. :) God bless... Debra