Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Throw-away Words

Is there such a thing as throw-away words? I used to frequent a Christian forum where much of the discussion included slamming the associations, beliefs and lifestyles of the other posters. There's something to be said for healthy debate and discussion, but after a while, I stopped posting altogether and rarely read anything there. The negativity was oppressive.

I can't help but wonder if we're not accountable for every word we speak or write. It seems like some people, even Christians, must think we're alloted a certain number of "disposable" words, seeing all the words wasted entirely on fluff and fussing.

In this issue of Today's Christian Woman magazine, Lisa Welchel explains how she encourages her teens in their blogging pursuits, while reminding them that for the most part, the words we blog are out there forever. I guess it's possible for my words to reside on a remote server somewhere long after I abandon this blog, which is likely to happen at some point! Aside from blogging, what about the words I speak on a daily basis? Are there twinges of some hurtful words I spoke in haste nagging at someone's self-esteem? Is someone resisting the call of Christ because of some careless, unChristlike words I blurted out without pausing to think first?

No doubt, God's Word is the only true eternal word, and the only all powerful source of God's instruction to man. Yet as we are made in God's image, surely our words will have some lingering effect. Likewise to a limited extent, our words have a sense of power. I find it amazing that with a word, God spoke our world into existence, and He has chosen to impart the power of words to man. Our words can build or tear down. They can encourage or defeat others. With our words, Christ can be honored or disgraced. We can't speak, or write, lightly therefore.

Proverbs 25:11 A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver. Lord, may all my words be aptly spoken.

Memo to self: Do a study on the word "word" in Psalms & Proverbs.


Michael said...

I really enjoyed this post.

Take Care

rlh said...

This is oh-so-true.