Monday, March 14, 2005

But Blondie Did It!

Did what, you ask? She read in bed. I'm talking about Blondie Bumstead, wife of Dagwood Bumpstead, who often ended her evenings reading in bed. Meanwhile her husband Dagwood tossed and turned, dreaming of confrontations with his little old boss, Mr. Dithers, then headed for the kitchen to make one of his famous mile-high sandwiches. That's me and hubby to a "T"! Well, kind of. He has these recurring dreams in which he's working at an old job . . . night auditor at a hotel. More often than not, he's up halfway through the night to get a drink or snack. So, why, I ask . . . does he not like me to read in bed? It's not fair, I tell him. Blondie did it!

I can't figure out if I'm a morning person or a night owl. When I have to get up for work in the morning, I can't. But come weekends or my day off, I'm up at the crack of dawn. And I love to stay up late reading or writing, which makes it even harder for me to get up for work on time. It makes for some really ugly mornings, the ugliest part being that I rush off to work with wrinkled clothes and two-day old hair snatched back in a ponytail holder (how much longer can I get away with ponytails, now that I'm forty, I wonder?)!

So tonight, we hit upon a compromise. If I get up on time for work, I can stay up and read or write as long as I want that night. But if I get up late, he gets to make me go to bed early, and I have to. Now lest you think I'm making him sound like an ogre, let me assure you that I am married to Mr. Wonderful and 'tis I that am the sluggard. Most mornings he has the dog walked, cat fed, breakfast on the table and his clothes ready for work before I get out of the shower! I don't know where that man gets all this character. Maybe he got my helping when God was passing it out. Yeah, that must be it!

So do I get to read in bed now? Well, only if I beat him to it . . . but this is a fair trade, I think!

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