Friday, February 09, 2007

Hodge Podge

When we were kids, my sis and I enjoyed a PBS show entitled Hodge Podge Lodge. Secretly that's what I call my house when it's getting out of control. It describes the current state of my blogging brain. I don't usually do miscellaneous posts but that's all that's coming to me right now. Bits and pieces of stuff but nothing worthy of its own post. So here'a few thoughts bouncing around in my head right now.

  • We had a nice evening. We've been getting to know some new people at our church through a small group we joined last spring. Tonight we had everyone over for a game night. After the guys showed off at darts, we girls cleaned up in a game of Cranium. Yes!
  • Several years ago, my husband mysteriously hurt his ankle. He had to wear one of those boot casts for about six weeks. Looks like he did something again because he could barely get up the stairs tonight and I think he consumed about 8 ibuprofen and 2 naproxen in less than 5 hours. Yikes. He's finally in bed, resting, I hope. The dog and I will take the couch, in hopes of not disturbing him. Poor guy. I think it's going to be a long night, even if we don't end up in the emergency room.
  • Why is it that the few shows I enjoy watching are on at the same time? I don't watch many TV shows, but I do enjoy Monk, Stargate SG-1 and NCIS. Even the reruns of Monk & Stargate are on at the same time Friday night. Although the past few weeks, I've either forgotten that Monk starts at 9pm, or slept through it, or (like tonight) been busy with something else. Wouldn't you say I "need" Tivo?
  • I'm kind of frustrated with my writing habits right now. Habits is an exaggeration. Even though I haven't made much effort towards being published, I've always been working on something. Lately though, I just can't seem to get my thoughts to gel. Honestly, I think it's due to my job. I tend to be juggling about 30 things on any given day. When I finally do sit down to rest, it's hard to do. My mind is still going in a million directions. Like this post.
  • I did read something by Henri Nouwen this morning that I want to post about, but it begs its own post so will have to wait. I'm going to settle down for the night with A Year of Pleasures by Elizabeth Berg. Stacyrecommended this one, as well as the movie Invincible, which Mike and I both loved. Seriously, if you're looking for a good book recommendation or a more interesting post, go check out Stacy's blog, especially the reading lists in her sidebar.


Susie said...

You know what you get when you make a listy post, right? Listy comments! :)

- I love the name "Hodge Podge Lodge", although I've never seen the show. My house is a bad sort of hodgepodge right now - dirty and messy and just ewww.

- Hope your hubby feels better soon - that sounds rough. :(

- We don't have Tivo, but I think we "need" it too. We've started watching more television lately...

- I highly recommend "The Year of Pleasures" too; I really think you'll like it. I love her writing style. And yes, Stacy's reading recommendations are always spot-on! :)

Have a great weekend, Dianne. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I love Henri nouwen..I am currently reading his book The Genesee Diary:Report from a Trappist is awesome!! I like the "hodge podge lodge" that describes the condition of my home every Sat. and Sunday!!! and thankgoodness for DVR....I love NCIS and Monk.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I love posts like this too, and do them rather often, since I can't seem to think of any one thing worthy of blogging about on a single post :) I've never seen Hodge Podge Lodge either but I love the name. I'm all about alliteration, LOL!

I hope Mike feels better soon too. I hurt my ankle this time last year and it hurt for MONTHS. I never went to the doctor though :(

Ooh, if you like Monk, you should tape or watch Psych which comes on right after it. We like it too and they're fairly similar. We like the characters and the humor. And we LOVE NCIS!

I hope you like "The Year of Pleasures". That book really struck a chord with me, and I loved her style of writing. That was my first Elizabeth Berg book, and I'm looking forward to trying more of hers.

Hope you guys have a good weekend, tell Mike to rest up that ankle!

Tammy said...

Just stopping in to say hi....hope your husband's ankle feels better!

And I guess I had forgotten that you were a writer, seeking to get published...that's exciting and don't give up!
I write, too, but have yet to finish a novel I started 2.5 years ago...blogging is wonderful, but it has replaced my need to actually write fiction. *sigh*
Did you know about Stranded in the Mountains Open Window? She started this today, for those to share their fiction writing or other forms of should particiapte!
I shared a portion of a short story I think I'm back in the mood to start really writing again! :)

Sorry, to ramble...blessings!

Katrina said...

Like others, I enjoyed this post and the little glimpse into what you're thinking about. I sure hope Mike's feeling better today... And YES, you need Tivo!! Even though we don't watch much TV, we really like not having to remember when "our shows" are coming on - they just magically appear. :) Game night sounds great, and it's always good when the ladies win!

Have a good weekend.

Jennifer said...

I know that I had been dissatisfied with my jumbled approach to writing in the last couple of months, but now I feel like I've gotten my groove back. Yours will come back, too.

Incidentally, I just started Berg's book on writing, Escaping into the Open, and I am flying through it.

gail said...

Good post with lots of newsy bits.
Don't think I've heard of Hodge Podge Lodge but what a fun name!

I "need" Tivo too!

Think I'll have to borrow Stacy's book, Year of Pleasures, and read it because I've heard so much about it.
We had seen Invincible and told them how good it was and I think most everyone would like it. We've seen a few others since then that are worth watching, The Illusionist is one...good rental.

Game night, always fun.

Hope your hubby is better soon!

Barb said...

I LOVE Monk, Dianne. He and I have so much in common, I feel like his long lost twin sister! LOL