Monday, December 26, 2005

Procrastinating with Robin

Found this on Robin Lee Hatcher's blog, and since I'd rather procrastinate than finish the short article for my church newsletter due this week, I took her up on this invitation to procrastinate!

My name ... Dianne
My childhood ambition ... to be a teacher
My fondest memory ... time spent with my Gram
My soundtrack ... Far & Away
My retreat ... the Smokey Mountains, or Amish country in Ohio
My wildest dream ... believing I can be published (and paid for writing!)
My proudest moment ... everyday as I realize what a wonderful man I've married
My biggest challenge ... daily obedience to God
My alarm clock ... weekdays: around 6:15am by force; weekends and days off: by 7:30 am can't wait to get up!
My perfect day ... hmm, I think it would be just a long drive somewhere with my husband and spending the entire day with him
My first job ... babysitting
My indulgence ... reading, reading, reading, with no worries of dishes to do or laundry to fold
My last purchase ... veggies for a veggie tray this morning!
My favorite movie ... Finding Forrester or The Princess Bride
My inspiration ... my sister, mom of four
My life ... is just getting started
My card ... VISA

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