Monday, February 07, 2005

How Much Do You Really Need?

I'm planning to redo my kitchen - mainly paint and a much needed new floor. In preparation, because this may be a month long project, I've already begun packing up knick-knacks and whatnots. I glanced at the box tonight, the corner of which my cat is using in lieu of a good hand to scratch herself, and it occurred to me I haven't missed anything yet!

I wonder just how many things I tend to accumulate as I go through life that serve to weigh me down more than spur me on. I've been accused by my husband and mother of being a "pitcher" - I find it easier to just put things in the trash or give them away, which works fine as long as they're mine to pitch! That's always been my modus operandi when it comes to cleaning. And I absolutely LOVE to clean other people's junk! (I never understand why they don't seem as appreciative of my efforts!)

Seriously though, even though I think I'm less "things-oriented", sometimes I feel like a giant tumbleweed, moseying along through life accumulating things. Or worse, looking for things to accumulate! It's hard when the world seems to be telling us what we need, creating desires and needs in us we never knew we had.

I don't have the perfect solution right now, beyond the practical tips found on Flylady and other such sites. I know where the answer lies though: Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.

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Tina said...

I've done the same many times. Put things away for some reason and decided that I didn't need them. Because of that I started an experiment last fall. I started boxing up things I didn't think I needed and putting them in the attic. If I don't go up for this this winter then they all get sold at a garage sale this spring. If they don't sell then they get donated or tossed.

It's a wonderful feeling - to be free of clutter.