Wednesday, August 04, 2004

What Do YOU Obsess About?

I have a new position at work, and with that comes the strange situation where my boss, who was more like my coworker for the past year, is now much more really a boss. I get along with her and respect her, but she has this annoying habit of insisting that we do everything the way she does, right down to using keyboard commands vs. the mouse. She comes pretty close to slapping hands some times in an effort to "train" people to do things the "right" (her) way! I was feeling a little perturbed about this last night, until I got to thinking about it.

I was able to laugh about it when I realized she reminds me of Monk, my favorite TV defective detective. I decided when I start to feel aggravated, I'll just remind myself that SHE'S the one with the disorder! Picturing Monk in the storm drain or on top of a dining room table will surely help me chuckle the moment on by.

But then I realized, just like there's a bit of the TV Monk in all of us, there's a bit of the real life boss in most of us. Hmmm, wonder how Mike feels when I can't sleep until his shoes are straight at the foot of the bed, or I'm running late for work because I'm putzing with something stupid. Is it merely just obsession or is it the need for control? I'm not sure, but this little reflection of myself with the same obsessive tendencies is rather humbling. So that's another reason not to let this bother me, but rather look into the mirror of God's word and see where He'd have me change.

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Cheryl Wright said...

You'e a Monk fan.

Imagine my surprise, my glee and my I-am-not-alone chant when I read that Tony Shaloub (Adrian Monk) is your favorite TV detective.

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I was right, we are kindred spirits (:)