Sunday, August 29, 2004

A Thing and A Thing and A Thing!

The last few weeks have been busy around here. On top of a heavy workload right now, planning for vacation, and thinking about Pioneer Clubs starting up again soon at church, Mike and I have spent a lot of time putting the finishing touches on our basement project, hereafter to be known as the gameroom! I was feeling the crunch today as I sat at work (yes, my department had to work both Saturday and Sunday) and thought about all I need to do before we leave for vacation Friday.

Where did the time go? I got to thinking about how much of my life is consumed by "stuff." First you start thinking about stuff - you know, poring over the ads section of the Sunday paper. Then the planning starts - how much can we afford, how can we justify this, where would we put it? Next comes the shopping stage - wood grain or black, white or off-white paint, Berber or plush carpet . . . and then on to the big stuff - TV, stereo, etc. Then there's the installation - making room for things and putting it all together. At some point, we may even sit down and actually enjoy all the "stuff" for a bit, but before long, maintenance kicks in!

I feel like we made modest choices and we've been saving for three years to complete this project. We are looking forward to being able to entertain family and friends now - the finished GAMEROOM adds some much needed room to our 2-bedroom house! Nevertheless, it's a fact that "stuff" is time consuming. It gets to be amusing when you find yourself shopping for stuff to put your stuff in, dumping stuff that was at one time such a must-have at Goodwill, etc. One good thing about a small house and being slightly claustrophobic is a natural aversion to too much "stuff." Yet I'm still plagued with an ungodly desire for, and a pursuit of "stuff."

I'm convinced the only solution is a change of attitude. Since I won't be taking any of this stuff with me to heaven (what my dog or cat don't ruin first), it makes sense to focus my time and effort on what God values - people. I notice when I'm happiest when I'm thinking about others. That said, I plan to stay away from the new Walmart in town

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