Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Value of Desire

There's a friendly little competition ensuing between a few kids in our town (Pittsburgh) and some guys up in Michigan. Some little thing called the Stanley Cup - go figure. Last night was supposed to be the curtain call - the obligatory last song and handshake before the Pens went home in defeat.

It was not to be. Sid and Co. wanted it too badly. Enough to hang on through triple overtime, a forty some minutes of grueling effort by the kids on skates, not to mention a bit of nail-biting suspense for anyone who stayed up to watch the whole show. They reached deep inside themselves to pull off a spectacular victory, the kind that sends chills up and down your spine, or - if you're a fan of the losing team - just leaves you with your mouth hanging open in disbelief!

No matter how the series plays out, the Pens have reminded us what can happen when you really want something and put your heart and soul into making it happen. They given us one of those rare gifts, the reminder of the power of Desire. Desire inspires, doesn't it?

So, what burning desire lies within you? Who fans the flame of desire in you?


Joan B. said...

So much fun to see the electronic signs along the turnpike that said "Pennsylvania Turnpike says Go Pens!" Took me a minute to figure it out. Very exciting!

Katrina said...

Is it horrible that we haven't watched a single game? Or a single minute of a single game?

As for desire... I often struggle with desire. I find myself lacking all desire and just schlumping (not a word) along from day to day. I need to take personal time-outs to discover and develop the desires that God wants me to have.

Viv said...

I would like to say that God fans my desire for more of Him, but sadly it is all too often not reality in my life. But definitely some good food for thought. Thanks for a good reminder.

Debbie said...

My main desire is that God would use me for His glory. I also desire to raise my children for His glory, that they would become God-fearing, Bible-loving people.

However, I can relate to the "schlumping along" from day to day. Too often there is a huge gap between my heart's desire and the things that I do to accomplish that desire.