Friday, May 30, 2008


I know you were all wondering so I'll just clear things up right now. I am almost completely packed and ready to go on vacation. I know, we're not leaving until a week from today but nothing like being prepared, right! Why so early? I have no clue, I just don't like to leave things till the last minute. 

I don't know HOW you parents with kids do it though. This year we are taking the dog. I am not thrilled in the least about having to tote extra "stuff" for MacGyver. (not thrilled with taking the dog in the first place but agreed to give it a whirl - I hope I don't end up giving HIM a whirl!) I hate toting stuff period. I have already whittled down from 3 suitcases (1 big, 2 small) to just the big one and one small one, for our overnight stop. And that's not bad, considering we have to take our own linens. But yeah, now I have to pack toys and a snuggle sack and food and food bowls and oh my! How much does one little dog need? I nixed the doggy water wings!

This is almost my ideal vacation, a week at the beach alone with my husband. My true ideal vacation: a week in New England, with nothing to take but jeans and a sweatshirt and a camera. What's your ideal vacation? Have you ever traveled with your pet?


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Wow, you're packed early! I normally get mostly packed a few days before leaving, but probably not quite a week. We've never traveled overnight with our dog. I bet you guys are going to have a great time though, and MacGyver will probably love being with you and at the beach. Beau will be horribly jealous :)

I much prefer the mountains to the beach. One of my dream vacations is New England in the autumn, going to B&B's and inns and taking tons of foliage photos. Then again, my most wished for vacation is to England, Scotland and Wales :)

Hope you have a good weekend!

gail@more than a song said...

I wish I could be that organized! I usually never pack until like the night before and when I was packing for 4 kids as well, it was terrible! I'd be up all night. We had a black lab that I think we thought about taking somewhere once but that got nixed almost immediately; he loved riding in the back of hubby's truck though and got upset when he was left....we never thought a/b traveling with the cats.
It sounds like you'll have a great time! Wish I was going somewhere on vacation soon.

Joan B. said...

What, you're not taking the doggie water wings! Back up the bus. MacGyver might really need those. :) A week at the beach is my ideal (well, a life at the beach). Nothing, nothing speaks to me like the ocean. I hope you have a marvelous time. Anyone who's packed a week ahead deserves to have everything, and I mean everything, go perfectly!

Bev said...

Five days at the Outer Banks, baggy capris and sweatshirts, floppy hat, make a big pot of something the first night and whittle away at it til it's gone, and being honest I'd be just fine to be completely by myself with a pile of books. Definitely NO PETS ALLOWED! For that I could stay home. Hope your adventure goes well though.

Madison Richards said...

We are going to the Oregon Coast this summer, wondering if we should take the dog or not. Dirty sand and freezing cold water? I vote boarding for the week!

Have a great time!

Katrina said...

I am very impressed that you are packed so far in advance! I feel accomplished if I'm packed a day ahead. :) And yes, packing for a "little one" -- child or dog -- adds a whole new dimension.

Hope you have a fantastic vacation!

Kelly said...

We always take our black lab, Anna, to the beach when we go (we live near Ocean Shores, WA). I love to watch her run the beach, and this year we just got her little brother Tank, so it will be fun to take them both! And of course, we will need to pack for them too (food, balls, leashes, crates, blankets, toys, etc...sort of like taking kids!)

Dionna said...

Good for you! I always like to start packing a little ahead of time and yes - with kids you always feel like you'll forget something. It's hard to remember everything for 3 people! (in my case)