Friday, April 25, 2008

The Story of Jack and John

Jack went to work one day. He wasn't feeling so well. He excused himself from a meeting and went to his office. A co-worker went to check on him and found him dead of a massive heart attack.

John wasn't feeling so well either. He mentioned this to his doctor who ordered some tests. John had a stress test and a heart catheterization which indicated the immediate need for major bypass surgery.

Jack was a much loved co-worker. He was 59 years old. Over a year later, he is still greatly missed.

John is my dad, a much loved dad and grandpap. We will celebrate his birthday tomorrow, a little over a month after his bypass surgery. He is slowly but surely recovering and enjoying life again without chest pain.

We are amazing creatures. God has wired us in such a way that when something is not right, our systems alert us. Just like emotions can inform us (something I am learning a lot about), so our bodies let us know when something is awry. Pain, fatigue, etc. - are all signals something might be out of order. Are we listening? Are we too busy to listen to what our bodies might be saying or are we just afraid to hear the painful truth? The truth being that we are limited, finite creatures and every breath is a gift from God of which there is no guarantee of another.

Soooo . . . are you listening to your body and what it might be saying to you? As well, are you helping those you love listen to their bodies and what they might be experiencing? For the sake of those you love, and those who love you . . . LISTEN!

(My dad and his new buddy, Buttons! Happy Birthday, Dad. Thanks for listening!)


Becky said...

Best wishes to your good looking dad on a speedy recovery and a very happy birthday. His new pal is a cutie.

Ginger said...

So glad your dad went to his doctor. My mom did that about 18 months ago (she's 82 now) and ended up having bypass surgery also. It took her quite a while to bounce back from the surgery, but it was worth it. Happy birthday to you dad!

Katrina said...

As you know, I think your dad is a wonderful, and very cool, man, and I'm so glad he's doing well.

My mom's had to learn to listen to her body in these last few years, with her heart issues. I don't know how attuned I am to my own, but I agree that we need to, that God has given us these early warning systems and we need to take care of ourselves.

Susanne said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad. Praying for a quick, full recovery for him.

Sometimes I think in today's society, we are encouraged to do everything but listen to our bodies. Job demands are so high that we are afraid to take days off when something is not right. I'm glad your father listened.

gail@more than a song said...

I hope he's doing better now!

Don's dad had a heart attack many years ago (and died) when not as much was available to get them over it. About 7 or 8 yrs ago Don wasn't feeling well one Sunday afternoon and remembered what his dad said he felt; so he called the dr, who could hear it in his voice and we made it to the er in time for the dr to save his life! Listening is a good thing!