Saturday, February 23, 2008

Thanks be to God for Broken Food Processors

I need to bake cookies today. A lot of them. Today, not tomorrow (I'm notorious for putting things off a day). So I got up ready to tackle the task at hand and oops! I'm short about 2 cups of flour. Undaunted, I decided to grind some oatmeal in my food processor and use that instead (it works, I've done it before with great results). But today my food processor decided to bite the dust. It's been on it's last leg, hard to turn on lately, but today it wouldn't budge.

You know what? I'm glad! Not because I need to go buy a new one. Okay, but who doesn't love shopping for a new appliance? But I'm glad because I sat down and had my quiet time, which I had put off to get a jump on my day. Ha! So much for that bright idea. Instead I had a sweet time with Jesus over Fruit Loops, inviting him into my day which already seemed to be off to a funky start.

I'm glad for a broken appliance and foiled plans which forced me to just sit in quiet for a bit. I'm glad for the reminder that he holds the days and hours in his hands. I'm glad for the awareness of his presence. I'll get to the cookies of course. But I'm glad the day took the turn it did.


Becky said...

A GREAT reminder for me. And great idea to grind oatmeal for flour. Brilliant!

I am on the search for a perfect mixer/kneader/processor. I think I have settled on a Bosch Universal Kitchen Appliance. I am going to my friend's house on Tuesday to see her make bread with hers. Should be fun.

Good luck with the cookies!!

Barb said...

Next time that happens, call my sister, Dianne. I gave her my Cuisinart. I had it for four years and used it once, if you can believe that. :-)

gail@more than a song said...

Good reminder for me too! My day goes so much better when I do.
I hope you got the cookies done...and that you get a new appliance, always fun!

Katrina said...

Amen. Distractions that manage to lead us back to what is the better choice are always welcome.

Bev said...

"sweet time with Jesus over Fruit Loops" - I can just imagine how much he must enjoy hearing that!