Thursday, February 28, 2008

Face Time

Earlier this week, I had to travel with a few coworkers to visit a major account. The reason: they (the customer) needed face time. Honestly, I'm pretty sure that's about all they got from me - smiles and nods and the usual meet-and-greet handshakes, as I sat and mostly listened to my colleagues explain our course of action. They got face time, almost five hours. But you know, they need much more from us than face time. What they really want is assurance and confidence that we will be able to meet their needs on a consistent, proactive basis. They want action and communication. In short, and in their words, they need a partner.

I think I used to give God face time. Sunday mornings were his for sure. Possibly a few hours during the week. And morning devotions, as often as I could squeeze them in. In college, we had to fill out an activity report on such requirements. Perhaps more than build discipline in my life, it served to make such things mere duty.

Yes, there's something to be said for quiet moments spent listening to his voice, reading his word. There's a time and place to gather with others to worship. But God desires so much more than that, and slowly I am coming to realize you don't just give God face time. Even though we may tend to relegate him to corners of our lives, he remains present and involved, throughout each moment of the day. There's never a moment where we are out of his sight! How comforting is that!

And as incredible as it may seem, he invites us to partner with him to bring about his purpose in the world, as our current series at church in Ephesians is making quite clear. More than face time, God wants our faces turned toward him always, aware of his presence and work in and through our lives.


Joan B. said...

What a great post, Dianne. My work also involves traveling to give "face time" and I have been having the same thoughts. What can I give people that will truly further the relationship? Hmmm. Likening that to my time with God is a powerful ananlogy. Thanks for the good thoughts.

Ginger said...

Love this post. It made me think about whether there's a difference between "face time" with God, and "in his presence" awareness time.... and what might be the benefits and drawbacks in the balancing of those.

Sometimes I just wish He were visible in that "face time."

gail@more than a song said...

"there's never a moment when we are out of his sight"....YES, so very comforting! Something I probably need to think on more often and really grasp.

Tami Boesiger said...

It's dangerous to approach any relationship with a "check-it-off-my-list approach". Just like the emptiness you felt in your working relationship face time, we get the same thing from others if we see it that way. Good reminder to pursue God fully, Dianne.

Katrina said...

Very true. I pray that I wouldn't relegate God to any corner, but seek to partner with him every day, in every thing.