Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Word of the Year: Life-giving

Someone I am blessed to call friend recently posted about this word, specifically about things that are life-giving to her. And then it appeared in my reading of Madeleine L'Engle Glimpses of Grace, again in Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott as well as several other things I'm reading. I can't get this word out of my head. It's as if God is saying "are you paying attention yet?"

Isn't that really what it's all about? Life. Eternal life. Abundant life. Now. People. Relationships. God. For so long I think I fell under the misconception that eternal life begins when life on this earth ends. I am learning there's so much more to life in Christ.

Another sweet blogger, Becky, and I have dialogued over several "Word of the Week" posts I've done and she related how each year she prays about a word for the year, something God would have her consider and learn and live. I'm thinking this word "life-giving" might be that word for me. What if that were the filter through which I ran my thoughts and my words? The things I do and and the things I read? The way I spend my time and my resources? How I relate to others? In each situation, am I choosing life?

And just as both inhaling and exhaling are necessary for breathing, so I realize this life-giving thing goes both ways. It's not just about what gives life to me. It's about things I can do - choices I make everyday - that enable me to give life to others in return.

I'm still working my way through some goals and dreams for the coming year, but for now my prayer is for this word to infuse and transform the way I do and see things in 2008.


Becky said...

OH! What a wonderful word to take for the year. You really defined it out too, how applying that would look in your everyday life.

I tell you, we had worship this evening at church and just applying my word "Listen" made the biggest difference in the way I involved myself in the service. I am going to love this word. I aleady do. I don't think I've had one that has excited me this much in the years I have been doing this.

I can't wait to see how God will use "Life-Giving" in your life this year. I know you will share your insights and I am so glad for it.

Katrina said...

What a coincidence -- I've been mulling over my own word for the year. We'll see if I can get together a blog post about it before February. :) "Life-giving" is a fantastic word and filter to adopt for 2008. Like Becky, I look forward to hearing how it plays out in your life this year.

Bunny Trails said...

Have you ever seen/read "Five Aspects of Woman" by Barbara Mouser? One of the five aspects is Life Giver. Her study is awesome and Life Giver was such a blessing.

I can only imagine the tremendous things that the Lord will do in and through your life this year as you seek to filter things through this word of the year.

God bless,
Dianne :D