Friday, January 04, 2008

Making Goals and Dreaming Dreams

This is quite a process for me! I didn't realize it but last year I didn't finalize this until the end of January. But a little incident this morning revealed to me how important it is to get things down on paper!

Ever since about September of 2006, we've hesitated to use our shower due to needing tile repair in the tub. Do you know how annoying it is to wash your hair hanging over the tub? And while I like an occasional bath, I miss my hot showers. This morning I was starting to list in my journal different areas for change and opportunity in the coming year and, on the home front, this of course made the list. And then I promptly said, "what the heck!" and jumped in and enjoyed a nice hot shower! And then got the local Pennysaver out and called a contractor for an estimate. I tell you, writing things down works wonders!

Another thing I'm planning to do differently this year is share some of these goals with different people.. For starters, I plan to share some with my husband. I figure he would like to know where the money's going this year! (No, I'm kidding. We always make those kind of decisions together.) But what I fail to do is share my personal goals with him. For instance, if I have a goal of writing 15 minutes a day (outside of blogging, email, journaling etc.) then it makes sense he know why I'm sequestering myself in the game room each morning. Even though we don't necessarily share all the same goals and dreams, it makes sense to know where the other person is headed. (Where his goals are concerned, it's pretty easy - he's still taking classes towards his Masters, and yet a little probing into some of his dreams is probably in order.)

So that's where I'm at in this process. If you've already shared along these lines, I'd love to hear about your goals or resolutions or whatever you call them.


Becky said...

Well, you know mine. I have to focus basically, or I'll be all over the place and accomplish nothing.

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Cool--I just noticed that YOU did your header. Very nice work.

I want this to be the year that I feel like I get it all together. I'm fairly sure that won't happen, LOL. I am heartened to see growth in myself over 2007 in some areas that I thought would never change, so there's hope.

Katrina said...

I sat down last night to think about all I want to do, focus on, and accomplish this year...and ended up in tears, having no idea how in the world I could fit everything in. To some extent, I need to step back and realize that life with a toddler and a busy grade-schooler means some of those goals might need to be put off for a bit longer.

On another note -- I sure hope you're back to regular showers soon. Ours is always available for you, even if it's not always spotless. :)

Mary Ann said...

Last year for whatever reason I felt like I was in quicksand...unable to "move". About dawned on me that I had not written down any goals for 2007...books to read, things to learn, etc. So I decided to "get a job" and learn Ebay procedure and "techy" things. Wow! God has turned my life around in a matter of 3 months. Praise the Lord!
Writing it! Thanks for the wonderful post.

Kathleen Marie said...

It is good to tell people I think because it makes us more accountable. Thanks for a thoughtful read.

God Bless and Happy New Year!

Dionna said...

Dianne -
Would you be interested in writing some devotionals with some other writers at my devotional blog?