Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pondering Pens, Pencils and Paper

Just curious - are you particular about your writing instruments and choice of paper? Of late, I've realized I have some weird particulars about these things. For instance, the only pencil I like to use is a Bic disposable. I buy them a dozen at a time at Staples and hate the thought of being without one. I'm careful to keep them retracted when not in use, so as to not waste any lead or accidentally write on the inside of my purse or bookbag.

Pens - they have to be roller ball. At work, I really like the retractable ones in a multitude of colors. Green for when I'm feeling mean, blue on a blah day and purple for those rare easy days! I like to write in different colors on the orders so it shows up well, although there's this unwritten rule that we write the Order Number in Red with a Sharpie. Go figure. Don't they know how dangerous it can be to write with a pen that doesn't retract? Can you tell I've got a thing for retractable stuff? I've ruined one too many outfits by dropping uncapped pens on them. I know - retractables have their downside too but at work, I need 'em! I have one pen in my purse and one in my planner but rarely use them. I use

And as far as paper goes, I have no use for anything but college ruled composition books, although I've just discovered Moleskine journals and they're quickly becoming my favorite thing. I hate looseleaf paper, spiral bound notebooks and especially wide-ruled paper of any sort! And those cloth-covered hardbound journals - nah. Just not me. And at any given time, I have at least four notebooks in use. One or two in my bookbag - one for quotes and thoughts from whatever I'm reading and the other for miscellaneous projects. One with my Bible. Teeny one in my purse. One in my nightstand. And of course one at work.

So what about your writing instruments? 'Fess up - I'd love to hear!


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Ooh, great topic! I wish I were particular about my pens, pencils and paper, but I can't really afford to be :) I do have a current favorite pen, it's a Bic Velocity Gel. My biggest thing about pens is that I like blue and not black. I have a retractable mechanical pencil that I use and like. My other "tooky" thing is that I keep my pens in certain places. Someone in this house who shall remain nameless will use my pen and not return it to its rightful spot. Then, when I go to get my favorite pen, it's not there. :(

Have a great day!

Dianne said...

Oooh Stacy - hate it when that happens!!

Susanne said...

You know I never really thought about it. I have favorite pens around but not because it's a particular brand, but because it feels comfortable in my hand. Gotta have the cushy part on it too. And the only thing I absolutely picky on is I hate black ink. Gotta be blue. I underline in my bible with green or purple just so it shows up. But other than that? Nah, not too picky. Hmm reading that back maybe I'm more picky than I thought. :vD

Paper I'm not fussy on, though I do love pretty or cute notepads.

Katrina said...

Well, I'm a little grumpy this week because I can't find any of my favorite pens for sale in their usual places. I was using a "PowerTank" which is a retractable roller ball and the only kind I've used for a while. (Another quirk: I only use blue.) Anyway, they seem to be discontinued, so I'm going to need to find a new favorite, I guess.

Pencils are not my friends.

Paper... I'm not as picky, but I've been using a Moleskine for my personal journal and a small moleskine in my purse for random thoughts and notes -- I like them. I usually have a variety of notebooks scattered everywhere as well.

I think Chad's pickier than I am -- he loves fountain pens and composition books and not much else. :)

Serving Him said...

I love this topic....I don't really know why, but I will only use Black ink and NEVER Blue. In my planner and Bible and notes, I do not use Black. Weird? Also, I like to write with Sharpies, the Fine point ones, expecially on greeting cards. I think it looks better.

Well, I've tagged you with a meme "8 things about Me". Check out my place for the rules.
Blessings on your weekend.

Becky said...

I looooove papers of all kinds. Pretty, decorative ones. I have a bunch of them. I love to use them for grocery lists, notes to parents (I'm a teacher), notes to myself, all the lists I make to me. I also love pens. But it is not about how they look. It is about how they write. I love the really pointy kind that makes my writing look nicer :) I tend to have a new favorite about every week, which means I have 6 or 8 in my purse because I just can't part with them, and a few more in my nightstand because you never know which one I will need to have to write in my journal.

As for writing articles or the weekly edevotions that I post for our church, I use the computer. I am more technical when it comes to "work" related writing.

Jennifer said...

I usually use whatever freebie pens I have on hand, but I recently bought some inexpensive Roseart retractable ballpoints. They are great--soft and comftorable. I'm going to buy some more.

gail said...

Oh fun! I'm not much for mechanical pencils but Don LOVES them, any ol #2 pencil works for me! I like the cheap, free click pens that banks give away, or at least they do here! So I'm not too fussy about it unless it doesn't "feel" right...Don loves black roller ball uni-ball pens but you might have read about our mishaps with those, I HATE them!
Haven't used journals much although I think I should have. I love little magnetic note pads for my fridge that I can make lists on, I buy them at Target in the dollar spot!

Sharon said...

I am very particular about my pens...not so much my paper. I like blue ink, and it has to be smooth writing. I ordered all the office supplies at my old job, and OH what fun that was!!