Thursday, March 23, 2006

Meet Lizzie

Who's Lizzie? My new laptop! After lingering at the front window for the better part of two hours today, the Fedex guy finally arrived. So far, it's everything I hoped for. Only my hands are a bit tired tonight from playing on it all day so this post will be short.

When my gram was little, she was called Lizzie until an older gentleman encouraged her to go by Betty or Bessie, for some reason she never really understood. I think she suspected later on that Lizzie sounded like a not-so-nice woman of the day. I think my gram was always Lizzie though, somewhere deep inside. Lizzie was that part of her that most people never really knew.

So while I'm not actually naming an inanimate object after my dear gram, I like to think it represents a part of me that no one knows . . . yet!


Cami said...

Congratulations, Dianne! I hope to have a laptop one day as well. Until then, I'm thankful to have unhindered access to a computer daily (my husband works long hours). I found your blog through ChristianWriters, and in your profile I saw you like coffee and Stargate SG 1, so I had to post! I pray many wonderful things proceed forth from Lizzie!

The Curmudgeon's Rant said...

Congrats on Lizzie’s arrival. May she be like an old faithful friend who never let’s you down.