Sunday, May 15, 2005

It's Not Ours Anyways!

How funny we humans are. We own two lots, the one our house sits on, and the one behind it, making our yard a nice expansive 200 ft. deep. Although the houses are closer together than I'd like, the spacious backyard is what appealed to us. Most of our neighbors own both lots, except for the house next to us. The old guy that lived there didn't venture outside much; we ended up cutting his small back yard for the remaining few years of his life.

That back lot has been overgrown with trees and bush, and afforded us a little extra privacy. Until today. The new neighbors, a young couple, decended upon it today with axes and chainsaws and have proceeded to clear it. Sniff sniff! I feel robbed, exposed and naked! My backyard retreat is gone. The funny thing is, I think the new neighbors assume we don't own our back lot either. But we do. We pay taxes on it, we've earned the right to enjoy it. They are just encroaching on their back lot! It seems kind of selfish to me to be ticked at them for clearing property that's not theirs, when I guess we've done the same thing. We've got a huge woodpile sitting half on that property we aren't looking forward to moving.

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