Thursday, May 05, 2005

Ah, I Get It! (Thoughts on Submission)

Typically when the subject of submission is taught or preached on, there's a sense of resistance conveyed, as though this is a hard thing. I guess it is. But it occurred to me today that some woman may not see submission as a particularly difficult area for them. These are the women married to laidback men who generally are fine with whatever their wives want to do. These are the women who, out of necessity, make many of the decisions in the home about money and the children, because their husbands have little or no interest in doing so.

If we think of submission as a willingness to allow another to lead, rather than being forced to bow to the will of another, submission is can be a blessing rather than a discipline to dread. Along with the idea of allowing someone else to lead comes a consideration for their preferences and continuous open communication and consultation on areas where we've been given free reign.

I don't have any funny stories (do I ever) or quotes to go along with this post, just plenty to think about.

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