Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Are You Connected?

I am . . . well, as connected as I'll ever be. Got my new Palm (a Tungsten T2 on eBay at a great price) and now I have my info at my fingertips, no matter where I am. Got my new cell phone (even more free minutes now that it's paid for by my company) complete with earbud for hands-free connectivity! Got my laptop set up with my wireless connection, so no matter where I am in my house, I can be online (and probably in your house too!). Oh yeah, I'm connected! But I'll never be as connected as the next guy, the one who has internet access through his PDA phone, or the one who has a docking station for his laptop set up in his car.

The need to be connected today is ubiquitious, whether it's the need for a better calling plan with more minutes, or quicker access to online information. Today on my way home from work, I panicked as I made call after call to different people, trying unsuccessfully to get through. No, this phone's only 3 months old - it can't be broken, I thought. Even though it appeared to dial the numbers, I couldn't hear a sound - not even the sound of the keypads as I dialed. Whatever would I do without my phone if it had to be sent for repairs? Then I realized I still had the ear piece connected from a previous call! I laughed aloud as I realized how many people I'd called and hung up on over the last few minutes!

If only I had that same drive in my quest for to be connected with God. A few years back, the phrase "plugged in" became a popular term, especially among youth workers, to describe the kind of relationship we all want with God. I know our church is working hard to help members, especially new believers, feel connected. It occurred to me that the Apostle Paul had the right idea which he shared with the Philippians when he encouraged them to "pray without ceasing." Instead of prayer being restricted to short periods of time, we should always be in an attitude of prayer, so that we're comfortable talking to . . . as well as listening . . . to God. I want to be always listening to His voice, open to the Holy Spirit's leading and conviction, and in a habit of sending every little concern up to Him in prayer instead of brooding and fretting about things. I want to be connected where it really matters.


Debra said...

Hi Dianne... Great analogy! I, too, want to stay connected all day long and that has been my goal for a few years now. That one goal has changed my life so much and has touched all other areas. Again, great post! God bless... Debra

Donna J. Shepherd said...

Dianne, great post! You are going to laugh at me. I dialed my husband's cellphone the other night coming home from shopping. While trying to talk to my daughter, I kept saying, "I can't hear you." Yet through the whole call, my husband could answer every question she had. I thought I must be losing my hearing. That's when I realized I had the phone flipped, and I was talking into the back of the phone! ROFLOL!!! No wonder my husband could hear every word. I thought of writing a devotional about it, too. So great minds think alike. Right? *g*

Debra said...

Hi again, Dianne... Just wanted to say thanks for your really nice comment at my Christmas post...very encouraging! Oh, and yes, Perfect Strangers was such a fun show. I have around 12 episodes on tape and watch them over and over. If you ever hear of them coming out on DVD please let me know, ok? :o) Thanks again... Debra