Friday, December 07, 2007

1923 and Girl's Night In

Some interesting events of 1923:

  • March 1 USS Connecticut decommissioned.
  •  March 2 - Time Magazine hits newsstands for the first time.
  • April - End of Irish Civil War.
  • The House that Ruth Built: Yankee Stadium opens in New York City.
  • June 18 - Etna volcano erupts - 60,000 made homeless.
  • July 19-20 night - Assassination of Pancho Villa.
  • August 2 - Warren G. Harding, 29th President of the United States, (1921 - 1923) dies in office and is succeeded by Calvin Coolidge (1923-1929).
  • September 10 - Ireland joins League of Nations.
  • November 12- Her Highness Princess Maud of Fife marries Captain Charles Alexander Carnegie in Wellington Barracks, London.
  • December 12 - In Italy, the Po river dam bursts - 600 dead.
  • Rainbow Trout introduced into the upper Firehole River in Yellowstone National Park
But wait . . . this post is not about the year 1923! It's about the number of emails in my inbox (work). HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN??? My friend Katrina will be so ashamed of me. Now I do manage my personal email much better, thanks to her challenge - I keep it to 20 or less usually and the ones in my inbox are there for a reason.

Enough about email though. For the first time in a while, I was home tonight before 6:30pm. Mike started a fire in the wood stove before he left to go help a buddy (gotta love those guy things!) and I'm fixing to hang out in front of the fire tonight and watch The Wool Cap (a remake of Gigot which I've never seen). I'll probably start to drag out the Christmas stuff while I'm at it. The tree will have to wait until Mike is around. It's kind of a tradition for me to put it up on Sunday nights during the football game, taking time to reminisce about the various ornaments we've picked up on vacation, and read through our growing pile of Christmas cards we've given each other over the years. The ornament thing has become a fun cheap vacation souvenir thing for us, and the cards . . . well it's just a silly tradition but we always mark each card with the year and it's fun to look back over the years and remember stuff.