Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sabotaged, Sidetracked or Blessed?

So just after the start of a particular Spring Reading Thing, someone loans me a bag of books, none of which happen to be on my reading list! Sabotaged?

Then, halfway through what for me is a monumental painting project, while my personal books are packed away (oh the pain!), I succumb to the bag of books calling my name. Sidetracked?

Sabotaged? Sidetracked? Neither! Just blessed. The two books I grabbed were great reads. I haven't read any fiction in over a month (hard to believe, huh!). And I haven't read much Christian fiction in the past several months. These books were a blessing in that, without being preachy, both were full of purpose and depth of character.

Watching the Tree Limbs
is the first book I've read by Mary DeMuth but I've long enjoyed her blog, her Christlike spirit and her commitment to excellence in Christian writing. This book deals with a difficult subject in a tender manner, with endearing characters and a strong message of faith.

Being in the midst of some home improvement projects myself, I could especially appreciate the dilemna in which the title character finds herself in Renovating Becky Miller. When a fixer-upper house in the country turns into a money pit, and even her church seems to have dibs on her time, Becky is forced to take a long hard look at what really matters in her life. Sharon Hinck has created a down-to-earth and likeable character and I'll be sure to look for more Becky Miller titles in the future.

Hey, the painting's about done AND I relaxed and got some good reads under my belt! I am blessed indeed!


Katrina said...

So glad you enjoyed them! And I, personally, don't ever think it's sabotage to share books. :)

gail said...

You do so good reading such a variety of stuff....fiction is almost all I read so I'm just a light fluffy girl sometimes!
These sound good.