Saturday, December 16, 2006

We Have A Tree!

A tree, prelit and complete with ornaments. And snowmen. Lots of snowmen. After years of my husband making fun of our Charlie Brown tree, I splurged last year and bought a prelit one from Walmart and I love it. I also opted to ditch the handmade garland and bows that I'd used in the past and go with ribbon and more glass ornaments that he prefers instead.

Did I mention I like snowmen? My mom got me this first little guy, and the Snowbuddy one was a vacation souvenir one year. They make a Snowbuddy Nativity set now but something just doesn't seem right about that!

A few years ago I started collecting the Mitford snowmen stuff that Hallmark was making, in conjunction with Jan Karon's beloved Mitford series. If you look carefully, you can see the ornaments are skiing on shovels and garden spades.

Topping our tree is the first ornament we ever bought together - at a craft show five weeks before we were married. You can't see the detail but it's an angel made out of cornhusks and it's something I'll always treasure.

And lastly - someone obviously can't wait until Christmas! The funny thing is - MacGyver never gets into anything but somehow he "knows" when a bag or something (like this stocking) contains a toy or treats for him. It's uncanny, but he has to wait for the Fat Guy like the rest of us!!


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Oh wow, your tree looks great! Aren't prelit ones so easy and so much less stress?! :)

I LOVE all of your snowmen ornaments. I love snowmen and have quite a few, but you know... I never knew that Hallmark had some for the Mitford books. I love and adore those books and have read them all, but I had NO idea there were ornament tie-ins. Now, I really feel like I've been missing out :) Do they still make them, or has Hallmark moved on to bigger and better things?

Looks great Dianne, bet it really feels like Christmas at your house now!

Katrina said...

It looks great. And I love all the snowmen!

The dog we had when I was growing up always wanted to get into the stockings, too. She was good all year round, but those stockings were somehow irresistible! In fact, in my home tour pictures, you may be able to see the hole in the toe of my stocking (which is the one I had as a little girl) - the dog chewed that hole to get to the candy inside!

Susanne said...

I somehow missed this post. I'm glad I scrolled back!

I loooove your snowmen Dianne! The one's on shovels and spades are too cute! I have lots on my tree too, and they always make me smile when I hang them.