Friday, February 17, 2006

Waiting for a Miracle

"Never wait for a miracle. Go after your dream. Do your part to the very best of your ability and ask God to make up the difference. He won't act until we step out in faith." John C. Maxwell, Becoming a Person of Influence.

Just yesterday, I saw a "crack of light" - a beginning to an answer to prayer. The thing about it is I've been sitting back wishing and waiting for something to happen and yet never took any action until just recently. I guess someone could say this proves that prayer really doesn't work, since nothing happened until I acted. I see it differently. I see prayer and faith and obedience working together hand in hand. Yes, God expects us to pray in faith, believing. I'm learning He also expects us to act on that faith. It's not my efforts that bring about the answers; it's my willingness to act in obedience upon the faith that grows as I pray and turn things over to His control.


Peg said...

I totally agree!

Cathy West said...

Yes, this is true. Sometimes when we are not getting a yes or no answer, we must wait. But I do believe when God chooses to answer, sometimes He prompts us to do something to begin the process. Other times He just chooses to surprise us! But either way, whether it be totally out of the blue or God inspired legwork of our own, a miracle is a miracle!