Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Waste Not, Buy Not!

Did you ever try to keep track of your spending for a month, or even just a week or day? Pretty tough, huh? It's a good idea recommended by budget counselors to help people control their spending.

I've found a more effective method of curbing my spending though. Over the last week or so, I've been trying to keep track of waste. Wow. I didn't realize how much of what I spent went right down the drain! An uneaten fast food salad here, that jar of special salsa I bought on a trip last month, that bargain pair of pants purchased on-line last winter.

Try it for a week. Don't worry about what you spend; just record everything of value you throw away. Between uneaten food, unworn clothing, unwatched video rentals, unread books and unnecessary "junk" purchases, I've discovered I toss between $25-50 a week. Now THAT, my money-conscious friend, will be an effective deterrent next time you go to spend money on the same items.

Okay, that was just a freebie but such an amazing discovery I couldn't resist sharing!


Peg said...

I always like to think of it this way: It all evens out eventually. All the wasted money comes backs when you win something, are given a freebie, find a dollar laying on the road, get a gift, etc......

~m2~ said...

wow - my first visit and it's a visit o' conviction!

i will keep track; i've been really curbing my spending because we are so short of Christmas funds, so the trips for coffee and the paper have amounted to a $2.50/day savings...it really can add up. but i know, i will think of what i throw out :)

what about what you throw out and then justify in replacing?

Dianne said...

Hehe. I guess one could get kind of obsessive about this (that would be me) but I've been convicted about my wasteful spending. It's helping me curb those impulsive purchases, and especially buying more than I need.

I'm not really thinking about stuff that wears out or breaks and needs replacing. Those are justifiable. I made a list though recently of big-ticket items I/we "had" to have and rarely use - wow, they add up, on top of the little things