Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Go Ahead . . . Answer My Prayers

Last night driving home from church, I found myself behind an old Chevy Lumina with the following bumper sticker: "Answer my prayers - Steal this car!" If that driver only knew how much I had loved my 1991 Lumina and how many times I've thought about getting another one. Somehow I don't think he'd be very happy if I followed him home and took him up on his request!

Don't we pray funny things sometimes? I know I've prayed prayers that I'm glad God didn't answer. More often though, I find myself praying prayers that I just don't expect God to answer. Case in point. I've been considering getting involved with teen small groups at my church. I volunteered, then signed up for the training session. In the back of my mind, though, I really didn't think this would work. My work schedule can be crazy and I just figured I might end up having to bow out. Oh, I prayed about it, but half-heartedly - since I was so sure what the outcome would be . Last night at the meeting, I found myself paired up with a co-leader who has agreed to host our meetings. Thursday night works well for both of us and - this was the best part - she works five minutes from me, so we can meet at lunch to pray and plan!

Once again, God did exceedingly & abundantly, certainly above all I could have prayed for (Eph 3:20). I know, prayer is about more than just asking God for things, but asking is certainly part of prayer.

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MacroMoments said...

Dianne, I once prayed to be an encourager,and God sent the most negative person I've ever met into my life. She'd start every conversation out with a list of problems and would end with a deep sigh. But...I learned a lot about the hurt behind her complaining. God stretched my patience and showed me how I needed to grow a thicker layer of compassion. So I did.

Great post!