Monday, August 15, 2005

Hey You! Off My Blog!

I was shocked to find my blog had been spammed this morning. Nothing offensive, just an advertisement for some financial opportunity posted as a comment. Grrr. If this happens again, I'll be forced to change my comments to "Blogger Members Only." Ha ha - like I'm just inundated with comments here!


Michael said...

You talking to me?

You know you hit the big time when you start getting comment spam.

I'm still waiting.

Take Care

BHGA said...

Sorry to hear about this....thanks for visiting my blog...have bookmarked yours....


MacroMoments said...

Hey Donna, if you use Pingomatic, I suspect that the spamming is tied in with that. I've had them hit my blog within minutes of updating/pinging. They start out with flattery ("nice blog!" and launch into whatever product they're selling. Fortunately there are only 2-3 per day.