Tuesday, June 21, 2005

More Ways to Ruin a Marriage

Debra over at As I See It Now had a great tongue-in-cheek post on how to ruin a marriage. I've thought of a few more ways . . .

  1. Never express any gratitude towards your spouse, especially not for the little things. And if you do, be sure to follow it with a sarcastic comment such as "it's about time."
  2. Be sure to complain loudly about your spouse to anyone willing to listen. After all, you might just find a kindred spirit that way and then you can spend more time spouse-bashing than seeking ways to improve your marriage.
  3. Never compliment your spouse in the presence of others. They might get a big head and forget about all the faults they need to work on.
  4. Don't pray for them. Better yet, don't pray that God will show you where you need to improve in this partnership.
  5. When your spouse goes out of his/her way to please or surprise you, be sure to let them know how they could have done it better.

Thankfully, these are not lessons I've learned from ruining my marriage. But they are lessons in progress and I have lots of studying to do!

I went away for the weekend with a few girlfriends. We all talked frequently with our spouses over the weekend (hurray for cell phones with lots of free minutes!). Mike told me Sunday night he drove through the local park for awhile, and tonight I was delighted when he suggested we take the same drive. What tickled me most was not so much the drive, but the fact that he was thinking about me! We drove around for an hour, stopping every so often in hopes of being serenaded by cicadas (they were quiet tonight). We watched the trees twinkling with a zillion lightening bugs and held hands like silly teenagers. I don't want to ruin this thing we have - not in a million years!

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