Tuesday, May 11, 2004

2006 Book List

I'm sure I read at least 10-15 more books than I mentioned here but these are the ones I remembered to write down.

  1. Aunt Dimity's Good Deed (Nancy Atherton)
  2. Patterns of Love (Robin Lee Hatcher) fiction
  3. Boundaries in Marriage (Cloud/Townsend) non-fiction
  4. Telling Yourself the Truth (Backus & Chapian) non-fiction
  5. Sacred Companions (David G. Benner) non-fiction
  6. Every Woman's Marriage (Shannon Etheridge) non-fiction
  7. 84 Charing Cross Road (Helene Hanff) non-fiction
  8. Light from Heaven (Jan Karon) fiction
  9. The Gift of Being Yourself (David G. Benner) non-fiction
  10. God Will Make a Way (Cloud & Townsend) non-fiction
  11. The Inner Voice of Love (Henri Nouwen)
  12. The Well-fed Writer (Peter Bowerman) non-fiction
  13. A Christmas Carol (Charles Dickens) short story
  14. Aunt Dimity & the Deep Blue Sea (Nancy Atherton) mystery
  15. Cure for the Common Life (Max Lucado) non-fiction (review)
  16. Straight Up (Lisa Samson) fiction (review)
  17. The Truth Teller (Angela Hunt) fiction
  18. The Novelist (Angel Hunt) fiction
  19. The Note (Angela Hunt) fiction
  20. A Carol for Christmas (Robin Lee Hatcher) fiction
  21. The Victory Club (Robin Lee Hatcher) fiction
  22. All Together in One Place (Jane Kirkpatrick) fiction
  23. No Eye Can See (Jane Kirkpatrick) fiction
  24. What Once We Loved (Jane Kirkpatrick) fiction
  25. A Sweetness to the Soul (Jane Kirkpatrick) fiction
  26. Love to Water My Soul (Jane Kirkpatrick) fiction
  27. Mystic Sweet Communion (Jane Kirkpatrick) fiction